Smith Design is my attempt to organize and cultivate my creative tendencies. I love to paint, create, recreate, reconstruct and just make things look nice.

Mindy Smith


I started Smith Design when I was in school at Middle Tennessee State University. I was working towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and I focused my attention on Graphic Design with a minor in Printmaking. Graphic Design has served me well and I've enjoyed working with others to make their visions come to life, but I've missed the world of fine art and the creative freedom it holds. So now I've turned my focus... Im no longer a graphic designer who dabbles with paint, but an artist who dabbles in graphic design. Or does it really make a difference? I've found that I can't do one without the influence of the other, and that's pretty cool.

If your interested in some of my artwork, I have several pieces for sale on Or I can create a personalized piece that features a single image or an entire event. Pick out some of your favorite photos and send me an email.

It's not about what it is,
it's about what it can become.

Dr. Seuss


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